Wednesday, April 2, 2014

teacher wear.

Here's what I wore to my first student-teaching day, in a first grade classroom.
All Day Long.
I don't know where I found the energy to take these photos after such a huge day,
but here I am.

What a spectacular day!  First graders are just the bomb-diggity.  And oh guys, I hit the jackpot as far as host teachers.  Mine is just the sweetest.  She made me my own little desk area with my name on a placard and everything and she is just going to be so easy to work with, I swear.  The kids had been expecting me, so they were so excited to meet me this morning and as the day wore on the girls were trying to hold my hand and sit next to me during circle time.  At recess they desperately tried to coax me out into the grassy field to play, but my little heels were just not going to cut it, so I told them I'd wear more sensible shoes next time.  The teachers stood together on the playground, chatting and checking their phones, but I have a feeling I'm going to be easily convinced to play kickball or tag or something.  Can you just picture me rolling down a grassy hill with the kids, getting grass stains on my knees?  I can too.  I have no control.

I also experienced my first rainy-day morning commute across Pittsburgh today too.  Stop and go, stop and go.  It was actually an okay thing because I had to concentrate so hard on my driving and directions that I had zero time to get nervous or anxious.  My own kids experienced getting themselves ready and out to the bus on their own this morning.  Of course they are totally old enough and more than capable of the task, but it meant change and so that was on my mind, as I can be a worry-wart mother.  Will she get out to the bus on time?  What if she misses it?  But it all worked out and I can pat myself on the back for trusting my kids to be independent {if being independent includes texting and calling until they are safely out the door).  Baby steps.

It was a good day.  I am so blessed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the beginning of the end.

The beginning of the end.

That's the term I used in a conversation with Husband today, regarding what is left of my schooling.  Tomorrow is my first day of student-teaching!  Well, my preclinical student-teaching.  In my program, I have to participate in pre-student-teaching to prepare for actual student-teaching.  And that is totally fine by me.  The more practice, the better!

Husband seems to think I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning with the nervous disease {I'll let you figure out what that entails}, but I am actually totally excited and relaxed right now.  With all of the stress I have experienced to get to this point, I am just completely thankful to be here now.  I am ready!

In other good news, today got up to 80 degrees, no April fools joke!  We have one bunch of flowers blooming right in the middle of our yard and I have been taking the opportunity to clear the crunchy left-over leaves that have spent the winter tangled in all of the branches.  Any excuse to be outside.  It's the beginning of the end of cold, Winter weather {I hope, anyway}.  Pittsburgh weather changes so much, from one day to the next, so no promises.  But I definitely feel like this is a great time for fresh starts.

Bring it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

looking up.

Wow.  Winter.  Blues.

These have been a tough few weeks, stemming from a long, rough winter.  I am craving the outdoors so badly, but I won't go out there just yet.  Not until the snow subsides.  It's a good thing that the temperature is going up tomorrow and it looks like it's going to keep going up for the week.  I am set!

Allow me to catch you up on the recent happenings.  It's basically been Husband going to work, the kids going to school, and me sitting on my favorite spot on the couch to complete assignment after assignment.  I honestly should be in a classroom right now, observing and lesson-planning and getting to know the students, but it hasn't happened yet.  I had a place all lined up at a cute, little, private Catholic school, permission from the enthusiastic principal (his signature even!!!).  And then I found myself waiting six whole weeks to never hear from the guy again.  I left weekly phone messages, I sent e-mails (hey, remember me???), I stopped by the office...and never once got a reply.  Can you imagine my stress?  Six weeks of waiting for a reply can make a person feel really desperate.  I don't do desperate very well.  I've been spoiled.  And so I finally let that school go and am in the process of finding another one.  I have five good leads and am waiting to hear back from teachers.  It's good, it's a start, but it still has me in this business of waiting and waiting still feels icky.  This has been quite the learning processes about finding balance between going after the things I really want while also letting go of the things I cannot control.  For those things I cannot control, like waiting for a call back, I have been making up for it by busting through my assignments like a champ.  I've been obsessed.
A machine.
But I'm running out of steam.  
I need a new place to sit.
Like outside, in the warm shade.
By a pool.
In a resort.
On an island.
Bring me a margarita.

I digress.  This post is supposed to be about me looking up and feeling better about things.  Because really I am.  This is our last day of snow on the ground, I know it!  There are little buds on the trees.  The birds are tweeting.  Spring clothes are making their way into the stores.  The daylight stretches past dinner time.  And I only have one more assignment that I will complete today and that puts me way ahead of my goal!  I will actually have a really light, fluffy April.  April is where it's at.

Is it nice to have me back on the internets or what?

Monday, March 3, 2014


Two sweaters are better than one.  Only when it's below freezing out.  And only when one isn't suffering from hot flashes.  It was my lucky day.

Usually I would have more to say, only I really don't.  I spent the entire weekend sitting at a puzzle.  Fortunately I was able to finish it this morning, otherwise I would still be sitting there.  My husband surprised me Friday night, with a shiny new puzzle; pieces scattered all over the dining room table.  He had even taken the time to turn them all right-side-up.  He knows I can't resist a puzzle.  It usually brings the family together for some bonding time.  But I'm afraid I hoarded this one to myself.

Two entire days of puzzling.  I can never get that back.  :)

Loft owl sweater
J Crew Factory tunic
Banana Republic cardigan
The Limited pleather leggings
AEO booties
J Crew Factory necklace

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Yes, yes.  I'm looking down and to the side in both of the photos.  I had to get that darn braid in the photo {but mostly I won't look straight into a camera with my hair pulled back}.  I'm crazy like that.

Has it been snowing every morning where you are too?  Is it frightfully cold?  March is only two days away and I'm thinking we are going in like the wildest lion there ever ever was and we better come out of it like the gentlest little lamb or I'm going to go nuts.  Please, Spring.  I'm so tired of reading "feels like 3ยบ" when I check the temperature every ten minutes.

Gap sweater
The Limited pleather
Nordstrom boots

pleated poppy

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a campus tour.

On Sunday, Elyssa took us on a tour of her campus, mostly to spy the awesomeness that is Pitt's Cathedral of Learning.  If Pittsburgh had a Hogwarts, this would be it!  It was the first time the kids and I had ventured further than the first floor of the towering building and I am so happy we took the time to slow down and really absorb all there was to see.  There are classrooms dedicated to different nationalities all throughout the cathedral.  The details in these rooms are amazing.  It's a little like being in Disneyland {well okay, maybe not exactly like Disneyland}.  I'm sure college students get used to having regular classes inside these rooms and the novelty might start to wear off by the end of a semester, but it would still be so neat to spend an hour each day in faux-Japan or faux-Norway.  It's just a cool atmosphere.  

And those red doors!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, then you might know about my door obsession.  My kids help keep a lookout for me, but also make fun of me at the same time, for wanting to take photos of doors.  But just look at those doors!  I am absolutely, positively sure there is something fantastically amazing waiting right on the other side!  

Thank you for the tour, Elyssa!  This was such a fun time.  :)


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