Saturday, January 28, 2012

she said.

the drive into Spokane.  always a good sight after the drive from EWU.

my morning snuggle bug.

look who finally painted her toenails.  finally.

look who changed the light bulb above the stairs.  it was tricky but I'm a ninja warrior.

at the carwash.

mojo sleeping on husband's side of the bed.

Today was about getting things checked off my to-do list.  I had an epiphany on my drive home from class yesterday.  I was starting to get a little bit mopey and whiny about how much I have to do these days.  I mean, I am literally onthegogogo from sunup to sundown.  But I didn't like my attitude.  It needed an adjustment.  So, right there in the car, I decided I was just going to go ahead and be happy.  I gave myself permission to be joyful and enjoy what I am doing.  Why can't I be busy and jubilant at the same time?  Why can't I be super grateful while I am sitting in class or doing tons of homework?  Why can't I dance in the car, while I'm driving myself and everyone to everywhere we need to go?  Why can't I laugh it off when dinner doesn't get served until 7:30pm?  Why can't I just put down my task list and watch a movie, cuddled up with my kids?  
Ya know, I don't have a good answer for any of those questions.  Because the answer is that I can do all of those things.  And since yesterday's attitude adjustment, I have been doing those things.  Today, I have so much more energy and was able to accomplish so much.  Most importantly, I was able to remain calm and sane and feel the awesomeness that comes along with accomplishing things.  Tonight the kids and I are going to make dinner and watch a movie together.  And I'm going to let myself relax and enjoy.  :)

You should too.

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  1. Bravo! What a lovely post...your attitude is admirable.


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