Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the to-do list.

It's interesting what we live with and/or without in our homes.  There are minor improvements we keep telling ourselves we'll get around to, yet months {and even years} go by, and we get busy and life goes on and these jobs never get done.  And then one day, you find yourself talking to a realtor about selling your home and suddenly those things you put on the back burner now must be accomplished.  While in this buyer's market, it's true that sellers should not invest in major remodels {as they won't get much of a return on it}, houses do need to be spruced up to compete with all of the homes for sale out there.  In the recommendation of the realtors who have walked through our house, we have a short to-do list and we are to spend as little dough as possible on the improvements.  

In order to be competitive in our area, here is a look at the list:
  1. The pink tile in the bathroom has got to go.  No, we did not have that installed when we moved in.  Our bathtub needs also to be refinished.  So, we are simply having a company come in and refinish the tub to a bright, spanking white and they are also going to paint a nice white right over all of the tile in the bathroom.  I cannot wait to see that update.  
  2. The kitchen flooring needs to be replaced.  When we moved in seven years ago, we opted for the peel-and-stick linoleum tiles.  They were supposed to last forever.  But they did not.  I don't recommend them for a kitchen or bathroom, as moisture is prominent in those rooms and the tiles don't like it.  They start to curl up over time, which makes for annoyance.  I'm not sure what we will replace it with, but it won't be expensive.
  3. Say ba-bye to the dishwasher.  We had always meant to remodel the kitchen and build the dishwasher into the cabinets, but oh well.  Our dishwasher sits alone next to the window.  We use the top as a cutting board and it's work well for us, but it's an eye-sore {no offense to us}, and as soon as the house goes on the market, it's outta here.  We will place a nice shelving, cutting board type-thing in that area, move the microwave on top of that, and place a dish rack next to the sink.  The realtor will promote the idea of "going green" with no dishwasher.  Nice.
  4. The unfinished wall in the basement, hiding behind the couch {sorry, no photo}.  This is a case of us being just plain lazy.  It's actually just a small piece of sheetrock that is missing, but it has been out of sight, out of mind.  It simply means cutting a small piece of sheetrock to size, mud and tape, texture, and then paint.  No more putting that task off.  
And that's it for the big jobs.  Not too shabby. This week the bathroom is getting done and that will be checked off the list!  Don't you worry, before and after photos will be posted!!!


  1. Oh man, there are so many little things in our house that we just live with. The dining room hardwood floor has the finish coming of, so it needs to be sanded and resealed...there is no heat to the upstairs of our house...horrible paneling in the living room. However, we are renters, so that adds to our lack of motivation to fix things. The house does belong to my parents, though, so theoretically we can do anything we want, but the most I've done is paint a couple rooms. We also have peel and stick tiles in our kitchen and bathrooms that my parents put in when I was a kid, but they've survived over ten years with no trouble yet, so we're lucky that way!

  2. That would open up so much space! Do you have an after picture? Looks like great ideas.

  3. I always hated making improvements just to move out! GRRRRRR


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