Wednesday, February 8, 2012

excited about getting excited.

I taxied Husband to the aeroport at 4:30am.  Can we say OUCH?  His departure: 0600.  
I was back in bed, sound asleep.

 There's nothing like a sky view sunrise.  

One quick stop in Salt Lake City. 

Lunch on East Coast time in SLC.

Getting on another plane to NYC...

And then a little mid-flight snack.

While Husband is away on his travels, I am adjusting to this temporary state of single-motherhood rather well.  Some days I am a bit frazzled, but mostly I'm content and happy as a clam.  It's been a month since my first post announcement regarding the move.  A month already?  In my beginning posts, I was really concerned with how to go about telling people we are moving.  I mean, it can be really awkward.  Well, I am happy to announce that although late, I finally made the announcement at my place of employment.  TODAY.  Boy did that take me long enough.  Honestly, I just didn't know how to start the conversation.  But a conversation naturally came up with other teachers, about the willingness to move to find available teaching positions, and so I just blurted it out.  And you know what?  It felt really darn good.  I have had so much support from friends and coworkers.  It turns out, everyone knows someone from Pittsburg.  Two of the teachers I work with used to live there.  Everyone loves the East Coast and is so excited for our opportunity.  And that makes me very excited too.

Most days, I really don't think about the move, as my time seems to be taken by so many different things.  But if there is a rare quiet moment, as there are those moments before sleep overtakes me, my mind wanders to moving-preparedness.  And when I am stressed, my mind also wanders to how on Earth I will get everything and everyone prepared.  When the children's clutter has crept into the living room, and I am the right kind of tired, I can give quite an oration on the subject of preparedness, spouting on and on about putting absolutely EVERY LITTLE THING into a cardboard box so that when our house finally goes up for sale, we will be prepared for strangers to walk into our house and exclaim Oh my, what a clean house, free of clutter, let's buy it!  My mind is also focused still, on school, work, and the children.  It's me getting everyone up and off to school, teeth brushed, sometimes showered, homework done, lunches made.  Then I get my own self off to school or work.  Then it's time to get the kids from school and decide what's for dinner, actually make it, sometimes run to the store to get a stupid ingredient, and then eat the meal.  Activities happen too.  And so does a clogged drain.  And I get to balance it all.  So, I haven't really had an opportunity to get excited about moving.  You know what?  I am excited about getting excited about moving!  That's what I am.  

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