Sunday, February 5, 2012

surprise visit.

Husband came home a week early!  His flight was delayed due to that mega-storm in Denver, but he got out of there just in time.  I showed up to Baggage Claim in sweats and slippers and it was awesomeness.  I like to remind him why he fell in love with me.  Hot.

When we got home, the kids were sound asleep.  They had no idea Dad was coming home.  But the cat was very happy to see Husband, all that marching and happy tail-swishing.
In the morning the kids awoke to Husband's voice and it was all the excitement they could muster at 7:00 in the morning.

Family Laser Quest.  Jack took first, Husband took 2nd, Elyssa to 7th, McKenna took 13th and I took 29th!  Out of 32 people.  So, I'm no good but I sure did feel like a rockstar, running around and shooting in my heels.  Badass.

Target popcorn and Coke Combo.  My consolation prize for my attempt at shopping the new Jason Wu collection.  It turns out Spokane got zero of that collection.  And that just makes me think that moving to Pittsburgh is gonna be a-ok.

Superbowl 2012 snack table.   

Breaking out the fancy glasses for the football game {our casual glass wear was still on the rinse cycle}. 

Commercials worth watching. 

The boyz. 

The girlz.  Boycotting the game.  :) 

And me folding laundry.  Living the dream.

Tomorrow I'll wake up at crackofblekdawn to take Husband to the aeroport.  He gets to go to NYC.  Word-up.  I'll just be here keeping on.  Basketball games, variety show rehearsals, school, and work.  Piece of cake!  :)

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