Saturday, March 17, 2012

cleaning out the junk.

Where oh where did we get all of this stuff?  It's absolutely everywhere.  I mean, how many 3-inch binders does a person need?  And a lazy-susan?  What prompted that purchase?  Anyway, today I made a small dent in the mass collections that is five persons living in one home.  I feel good about my purge and I'm actually thinking this house is going to be ready to sell this weekend.  It's a great feeling, considering it was stressing me out a wee bit.  The realtor is coming by on Monday and our house could be listed soon after.  OMG.  At that point it will be about keeping it clean.  

 My cat looked so cute, I had to snap a shot.

The hardest part of packing is not looking at every single thing for 5 minutes before placing it in a box.  The above photo is a newspaper clipping of my kids sitting on Santa's lap for our very first Spokane Christmas.  They were little celebrities when they went to school the next day and their teachers had seen the photo.  It's such a special memory of a very special time in Spokane.  I am excited for the new memories we will make in Pittsburgh.

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