Sunday, March 18, 2012

curb appeal.

I realized after I had posted the indoor photos, that I needed to capture the outside of the house as well.  Here she is, in all her post-winter glory...bare trees, progressing grass, and lack of florals.  But she is still in fine shape and yearns for the "for sale" sign posted near her sidewalk {yes, I indeed realize I am speaking of her as if she were a pirate ship}.

Husband and I have a good feeling about the sale.  Poop on the economy and what the statistics show.  We can feel it in our guts.  And that feeling I have in my guts is that the only reason it will sell quickly is because that would cause the most chaos in my life {as we would need to pack all of our belongings and find temporary housing until July}.  The universe loves to throw me lessons learned the hard way.  Loves! Even then, I'll carry on.  Good problems.

Hoist the sails!  Swab the poop deck!

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