Saturday, March 31, 2012

driving around in pittsburgh.

Our first full day in this city was spent on our butts, in a rental minivan.  We only got out of the vehicle to eat, pee, and look at houses {thank goodness for commas}.  The baseball park was literally right across the street from our hotel, so that was easily checked off our sightseeing list.  The Steeler's stadium was just a short drive away too.  Check.  Then we spent the morning zigzagging through the college/university streets, getting an idea of options for Elyssa and me.  Or just me, if Elyssa decides after a year that she would like to escape us and go away to college.  Run, Elyssa, run!

We spent the afternoon driving the southern areas of Pittsburgh and we pretty much fell in love with the Upper Saint Clair township.  The two pictured houses above, although nice, are not on our keep-list.  We do have an idea though, of what we can afford and the kind of neighborhood we are dreaming of.  We all love the brick look, on that we agree.  However, you should hear all of the horrible fun Elyssa is making of the shutters {I know, shutters?  What's wrong with those things}.  We also agree that we are not the type of family to live in a housing development or on a golf course, as we would probably drive our neighbors crazy and we are too nice to do that.  Jackson has put in a request for neighbor boys who play street hockey and McKenna thinks some girls who trampoline would be ideal.  For myself, I would like to toss out my misanthropic ways and perhaps make a neighborly friend or two of which to gossip and shop at Anthropologie with.  And if it's not in the cards, just a nice hidden spot on a back porch where I can blog and wish I had friends.

Anywayz, we are not haters of this fine city.  Our excitement is building fruitfully.

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