Saturday, March 24, 2012

for sale.

Well, we did it.  We put our house on the market.  We put aside our fears and anxiety and just did it.  I mean, we really didn't have a choice, but it was still a scary step. There is so much to consider when putting one's house up for sale and perhaps one day we'll be like, "oh no big deal," but this is our first purchased home and it feels a little bit like a big deal.  First of all, there was the realtor dance.  Which one was perfect for us?  Honesty is an important realtor trait, but not to the point of being rude and snobbish.  Who did we feel comfortable with?  Who can sell our home?
Second of all, there was the whole figuring out of the price thing, which can be quite a challenge.  We want to squeeze every last penny out of this house, yet we want it to sell it like yesterday.  Husband has price-setting remorse already.  Not an easy decision.
And third, what happens if it sells?  Where will the kids and I go until school gets out?  What happens if it doesn't sell and I have to keep it clean forever just in case there's a showing?  I almost prefer having nowhere to live over having to keep it clean.

Anyway, aside from the worries, it feels good to have this step complete.  And according to our very nice realtor, there is a natural emotional process in the selling of a home.  At first, one is quite attached to their home {the memories and experiences shared in the home over the years}.  They want to sell their home at the highest price because in their heart it is worth every dollar.  And then over time, as they work hard to keep their old house clean while looking at new homes to move into, naturally they start hating their old house.  They slowly let go, lower the price, and get the heck out so they can move the heck on.  Perhaps one day down the road very soon, I'll be writing a post about us in that same situation.  :)

Crossing my fingers we sell sooner than later!

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