Sunday, March 18, 2012

home for sale.

Dear Home,

After Husband and I took this weekend to clean you out and polish you up, you are looking better than I have seen you in a while.  Underneath all of the dust and collections of stuff, you remind me of when we first met 7 years ago.  Boy, did I have to bust my romp to make you pretty all that time ago, but I have to admit those were fun times; all the painting and hammering and sanding and drilling.  I enjoyed seeing what I was capable of, with tools and decor.  And I enjoyed creating rooms that the children envisioned in their zany imaginative minds; bright green walls with purple curtains, baby-pink walls with yellow & white stripes, and blue walls with a cammo bed spread... so much fun!

Anyway, my home, as much complaining as I've done about your location being on a busy street, I really have enjoyed the time we have shared together.  I have raised three amazing children amid your walls and watched them grow and change, as you have too.  My leaving you is bittersweet.  I look forward to new adventures in a new part of the country, but I know that means saying goodbye to the comforts you provide.  I will miss sitting out underneath your back porch with the kids, listening to the thunder and watching for lightening.  I will miss snuggling by the fireplace during the long, winter nights.  I will miss suddenly running upstairs for fear of being eaten by a monster.  I will miss eating around the table in your cozy dining room each night.  And I will just plain miss the sounds that we make when we creak on your wood floors or pull back the shower curtain.  The small things.  The sound of the screen door opening, announcing someone's arrival; back home and safe.  Reassuring.

You have been a good house.  A good home.  I am blessed to have known you and spent time with you, even when I have taken you for granted, even when I wanted more.  More space, more room, more.  I always wanted more, when what I had was perfect.  You were perfect.  You are perfect.  It's time to pass on the torch to another owner.  May you offer them the same comforts you offered my family.  Thank you so much for a wonderful seven years.  I will always remember you.



  1. Wow! i just cried a little bit over you selling your house. :) I've never lived in a house long enough to have an age wall or get super attached but I have lived in the one I'm in now for a couple years and can never imagine leaving it. But really its just a house not Home your family is your Home...right. ! I should start an age wall! Good idea! Well Good luck in your big huge exciting NEW move! Can't wait to see and read about your Journey!

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I'm sorry I made you cry. :) You're right about the family being the home and not the house. What's funny is that at first I refused to buy this house. I thought it was ugly and I didn't like the location. But I gave in, remodeled it, and started to enjoy it over time. And now look at me getting all sentimental. :)


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