Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blog this.

This is the look Husband gives his wife when she says {with much sarcasm}, "Well, I'm going to take a picture of this moment so I can blog about it."  

He's even cute when he wishes I wasn't such a poop sometimes.


  1. Misty, :)
    You may not want to hear this but i would recommend renting at first. I don't know how permanent this move is for you but when we moved to Texas we rented for the first year. Best. decision. ever. even though i didn't want to cause I just wanted to settle in as fast as possible. BUT it also gave me a mission for over a year finding our home(wich yes I love house hunting) and where we wanted to be. Good schools and all that. We almost bought our a house In Sugar Land and now I just cringe thinking that we would have been stuck there. I didn't like the town all that much after about 2 months of being there. ok just my 2 cents for ya! Good Luck! Its hard(and very exciting) moving to A foreign land! :)

    1. Great advice! We had considered renting as an option, especially if the house didn't sell so fast. Plus, there is more commitment when you buy a home. But the market is so hot for buyers right now and we hope to take advantage. So, we'll see...
      I LOVE house hunting too! I cannot wait! It'll be strange though, since Thomas will be the one looking at the homes, while I just have photos to look at. :)


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