Sunday, April 1, 2012


This second day of Pittsburgh included a pancake breakfast at Joe's Rusty Nail, which was major deliciousness, followed by some northern exposure.  We saw the townships of Wexford and McCandless and Sewickley {north of Pitt} and visited some homes in those areas.  Although cute and quaint, we just weren't quite as blown away as we were in the southern areas.  The neighborhoods are amazing, the houses lined up close and tight, nicely manicured lawns, in walking distance to a small grocer or cafe, but just not what we are looking for at this time in our lives.  We need space and parking and space.  Plus Mr. Husband's office is quite a commute from these areas and I highly doubt he daydreams of spending each a.m. and p.m. in traffic.  Just guessing.  

Also today, we tried to get tickets for the Penguins hockey game, but everysinglegame is sold out until ever and forever.  These people LOVE their sports teams, apparently.  

We did get to see some more of dahntahn, which was pretty cool.  There's not really a shopping district within the skyscrapers at this point in time, but there are plans in the works for one in the next year or so.  I totally support that plan.  Duh.  

See yinz latah!


  1. The Penguins are super-popular. I'd like to think that is in part due to Sidney Crosby whose hometown is a couple hours south of where I live (shameless Canadian plug). Happy house-hunting!

  2. Thank you! I am sure I will be hearing that name a lot then! We are going to try to get to some games for sure.


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