Tuesday, April 24, 2012

dreams really do come true.

The daffodils haven't bloomed yet.  Ahhh poo.  But they're going to very soon and it's going to be absolutely beautiful.  I know, because they've popped up every year since we've been in this house {thanks to the previous owner}.  This little backyard had not much to offer when we first moved in...and zero privacy.  We put our renovation monies into the inside of the house and had little left for any outdoor improvements.  So, we got creative and planted a long row of arborvitaes along the back fence {chain link}.  We called it our 5 year fence, meaning that in five years we would have privacy.  Well, it's been 7 years and we actually just now have complete privacy.  And now we're not even going to know what that's like.  Life is funny.

In all honesty though, way before we found out we were moving to Pittsburgh, we had set a deadline to put our house on the market by June 1st.  We had plans to get off this busy street.  And I know this because as I was perusing my calendar for upcoming dates, I saw a reminder to "sell the house!!!" on June One.  I was instantly taken back to the day I typed it on there, in a fit of ridiculous hysteria because I wanted to move so badly.  So, I guess if you throw a fit hard enough, your dreams really will come true.  Even if it means moving far across the country to get off your dumbbusy street.

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