Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter egging.

With Husband and Eldest Daughter both gone this weekend, it's just us three left to celebrate Easter.  I'm trying to still make it a memorable experience, even though we're too old for public Easter eggs hunts {like how embarrassing} or sitting on a rabbit's lap for a photo {the most embarrassing ever}.  None of our tastebuds have an appreciation for ham either, so that's out.  I do, however, have some lil' smokies in the fridge to toss in some barbecue sauce and that covers at least one hors d'oeuvre for tomorrow.  And then there are of course, eggs.

*Thanks to you, Mom and Dad for the Easter goodies that arrived on our doorstep today!  I am always in awe of your timing with deliveries!  We are going to watch two movies tonight and stuff our faces with all the candy we can!  Love you!  Happy Easter!

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