Monday, April 23, 2012

frankly speaking.

McKenna: an adorable 10 year-old who might as well be at least 12; lover of watching tv in mom's bed with mom; fan of all things hip hop dance, wearer of boys' skate shoes and anything of contrasting colors and patterns; socialite; adorer of family and bffs; enjoyer of independence and doing things her own way-or-the-highway.

This weekend, we went to pick up her friend for an overnight play date.  At the friends house, went the following conversation:

Friend's Mom: So, I saw the sold sign in front of your house!  Wow, that was fast, wasn't it?  How   
                           exciting!  McKenna, are you so excited that your house sold?

McKenna:  No.  

*awkward moment of understandable silence follows.

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