Sunday, April 29, 2012

guilty pleasures.

We have this cute girl to thank, for tonight's dinner plans:  Chuck E. Cheeses - where a kid can be a kid.  We have this tradition of going out to eat dinner as a family, every Sunday evening {on top of all of the other nontraditional eating out that we tend to do also}.  And I know for most parents, this loud, crazy pizza/game token joint might be a tad overwhelming.  And I totally used to think the same thing when our kids were much younger {and potty training and peeing down the indoor slide}.  But now that they are older, this is the go-to place where Husband and I have our best conversations, as the children would rather get their game on than listen to our boring discussions about money, work, and other people who aren't us.  Aaaaannnnnnddddd....the salad bar is amazingsauce!  Eggs AND thousand island dressing AND unfancy lettuce AND cheddar cheese!  I bet you're judging me by my salad choices right now, aren't you?  It's probably all true.

I'm off to go get my salad on!

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