Wednesday, April 4, 2012

making my favorite son's dream come true in NYC.

Mr. Husband and I were keeping a deep, dark secret from Jackson for a couple months before our trip to NYC.  His company gave him two tickets to the NJ Nets game, when they found out he was going to be in town during the game.  And Husband was sweet to pass them off to me since I'm the basketball fan in the marriage.  I chose to take Jack {the biggest basketball fan in the house}, only I was going to keep it a surprise for as long as I possibly could.

As soon as we pulled into our Manhattan hotel, hefted our suitcases into the rooms, and took a moment to catch our breath, it was time for me to sweep Jack off to New Jersey {OMG, how to get to New Jersey}. That kid had been begging to go to Nike Town, so I used that as an excuse to get him alone.  I told him I'd take him out to the store, while Husband stayed with the girls.  We headed out the door, down to Penn Station, and I somehow got us boarded on the correct train headed in the correct direction.  Miracles do indeed happen.  Jack happily pointed out how badly my hands were shaking as I purchased our tickets.  I was nervous!  So, Jack and I got on the train and sat down.  In my head, I was trying to figure out how to tell him the surprise, while he was clicking away on his phone.  Suddenly he looked up at me with that look he gives when he is afraid to tell me something because he knows I'll go nuts.  He says, "Oh no, mom.  Look."  I look down and see he's GPSing us to Nike Town, only a message on the screen says, "Closed today."  Jack looked bummed at that point.  And scared.  I turned to him and smiled, "That's okay, I have a back-up plan."  I pulled out the envelope and showed him the two game tickets.  Instant beaming smile across that kid's face.  My heart skipped.

We got to the arena, we purchased some Nets gear and then we headed to our seats...the biggest surprise of all.  Front row.  That boy was in Heaven all night long.  And so was his mother.

A friend was kind enough to get a snap shot of us on tv too!

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