Friday, April 13, 2012

mary, mary, quite contrary.

We came.  We planted.  We conquered.  

At least, I hope we conquered.  It's quite a risk, planting flowers in the middle of April, but I'm willing to chance it.  I'm ready for some color out there in the outdoors.  Spokane is still kinda in it's ugly phase.  But by May 6th {yes, that exact day}, this town will be pretty once more.  Cold, but pretty.  But not to worry - by June 30th it will be scorching hot {OMG.  Yes, that exact day.  I don't make this stuff up}.

And how do your gardens grow?  Tell me about the lush greenery you are surrounded by so that I may live vicariously through you. 


  1. At my apartment, flanked by two other buildings where not even an herb garden could grow in the amount of sunlight we get continuously in one room, I have but a concrete jungle to enjoy! Needless to say I have a standing order with the BF to buy me flowers spontaneously throughout the year so I can pretend I have a garden inside!


  2. Yay for planting! I planted some flowers, sweet peas and strawberries last fun :)



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