Friday, April 6, 2012

mugging for attention from a modest cat.

If you want attention from someone, sometimes you just need to reach out and take it yourself.

Last night Jack and McKenna each had a friend overnight, as my way of saying thanks for hanging out at home in pajamas the whole week while I worked and went to school {darn conflicting spring breaks}.  What I learned is just how tricky it can be to host play dates whilst one's house is on the market {because although we've accepted an offer, the MLS doesn't show contingent quite yet and so peoples still want to see the house and it's still a good idea to let them}.  *catches breath.  So, last night I took 4 kids to Wendy's for a healthy supper, while a realtor toured our house and then this morning I quick-vacuumed-and-disinfecting-wiped the house before waking the 4 kids up to eat a restaurant breakfast as well, so more fine people could visit our humble abode.  Now we are back home, settled comfortably into our clean digs, playing video games and food-experimenting in the kitchen.  Until the next showing this evening, right at dinner time.  Swell.

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