Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my 12-year-old self.

Hello.  I'm Misty.  
I have the maturity of a 12-year-old.  
And I can't read this street sign without giggling.
I mean, what if this was my address?  That would be awesomesauce.

What's so funny, here.

Hey, don't judge. :)

Oh, and while you've already stopped by {and discovered how juvenile I really am}, have you checked out Cup A Jo's 15 toddler-friendly meal ideas today?  I promise it will make you wonder what the heck is wrong with you and why you can't find time to introduce your tot to fancy foods that you've never even seen before and arrange them into displays of wonderment, only so that your child can toss them onto the ever-clean floor because you probably have all the time in the world to have ultra-cleanly floors with a toddler running around, while you arrange food spectacles.

I'm here to convince you that you needn't worry about all the non-fancy frozen chicken nuggets you baked, all the hotdogs you diced, and all the pb&J sandwiches you put together with love.  My children are all healthy, intelligent and survived, being raised on such questionably-processed foodstuffs.  Antipasto?  Mint and feta on watermelon?  Olives on crackers?  Not in my house.  We have this little concept we follow in our humble abode... it's called reality.  :)

Honestly though, I know it's good to introduce children to all different types of food, as it makes them well-rounded and educated in the healthy food department {as I am so obviously uneducated}.  What about you?  Are your children eating hummus, lentils, and goat cheese?

trotwood.  :)


  1. AMEN!!!!!! I love this! My kids eat pizza, ramen noodles, pancakes and McDonalds. :) With some home-cooked-eat-it-or-I'll-wallop-you-and-don't-make-that-face meals thrown in for good measure.

  2. This made me laugh as I read right after I got off my hands and knees to pick up the fancy hotdog and cheese pieces Mason so eloquently placed on the floor.

  3. Yeah, I try my best. My kid eats better than I did at her age, and that counts as a giant mama-success in my book.

    I'm a 37-yr old with 12-yr old humor too. My blog mate and I can never say "balls" around each other without going into hysterics. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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