Tuesday, April 3, 2012

onward to nyc.

I'm hearing a lot of Pittsburgh comparisons to Portland, Oregon.  And being a native Portlandia resident for my first 27 years of life, I can concur.  There were times on our drives through Pitt when I swear we were driving on I-205 toward I-5.  And at night, with the river(s) running through the city, Pittsburgh does resemble Portland quite nicely.  

In other ways, the drives are quite different.  The west coast offers more rest areas and free highways, whereas driving through Pennsylvania en route to New York City, we didn't see so many places to potty and every time we exited the highway, we had to pay the toll.  Also, tunnels are missing from the scene, in the west.  Why go up a hill when you can go through it?  

Anyway, the last photo is our very first peek at NYC as we drove in.  What an amazing sight.  The kids recognized most buildings from the Spiderman video game they played years ago.  See. Video games really can be a learning experience for children.  not.

Next up!  Photos of NYC!

PS.  I just want to note that I am actually back home in Spokane now.  These photos and the photos I shall continue posting are from our trip last week.  For some reason I didn't want to announce on the very public internets the exact time we would be away from our house.  Gotta be leery of the spammers and creepers out there.

PPS. or PSS. {It's too early to remember.} While we were on our vaca, we received an offer on our house.  We countered.  They accepted.  Plus they don't need the house until July, so we can stay residing in it until we move.  Sold.  Geez, I hope this isn't a dream because this is quite perfect.  I am ever surprised at how things just work out sometimes.    

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