Saturday, April 28, 2012

the tale of mr. moose.

It all started one afternoon, at Costco.  McKenna just had to have a Mr. Moose.  And Husband just couldn't say no to his little girl.

 And so they brought a moose home.  And he was big.

 The moose was awesome at first.  He received loads of cuddles.

The cat even thought Mr. Moose made a fine place to nap.

And when Husband started to travel to the N.E. for weeks at a time, his wife found great company in the moose, although the cat thought it a bit odd.

The wife tried to be accepting of all creatures, great and small, much to the dismay of her children. 

And then one day, she walked into McKenna's bedroom to see such a sad sight.  Poor Mr. Moose, head hung low, stuffed into the closet, like some kind of toy.

The wife remedied that sad situation straight away, though.  
Nobody puts Mr. Moose in the corner.


  1. Too cute. This story if fun.

  2. HAHAHA!!!!! I love this story! So stinkin' cute! You should get it made into a book. :) Your future grandchildren will love it. So clever!!

  3. Ha ha! I love those over sized stuffed animals! My hubs got me a huge teddy bear when we were dating... it's a huge hit with our friends kids! I can't wait until it's our own baby crawling and loving all over the bear!


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