Saturday, April 28, 2012

wistful portlandia.

A friend posted this on Facebook last night and I was mesmerized.  Portland, Oregon is my hometown.  I spent my entire childhood there; countless weekends clam digging on the coast, special hikes up to the top of Multnomah Falls usually in the rain, a Blazer game or two, night skiing on Mt. Hood, fishing and rafting on the Clackamas, hitting up the Waterfront Park festivals, and visiting the rose gardens and zoo. And I met Husband in Portland too, when he strolled into town.  We had our first kiss at Crown Point's Vista House {on our first date too!}.  I just reached right up on my tiptoes and gave that guy a smooch. 

Perhaps I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, now that I know I am about to get really far away from that place.  It wasn't a big deal at all {in fact it was very exciting} when Husband and I moved to Seattle in 2003.  It was almost like I hadn't moved at all, as I was doing that 2.5 hour drive to visit my family once or twice a month.  Then when we moved to Spokane in October of 2004, it felt quite a bit further away {a 6.5 hour drive} and the visits have grown further apart over our 7 years here.  Of course, as the children have gotten older, the schedules have become crazy-busy and it's harder to get away.  But we sure do enjoy the times we do get the opportunity to drive down and visit family.  It's always a hoot and it always fills me up with goodness.

Anyway, I obviously will always have a soft spot in my heart for Portlandia for nostalgic reasons. But it truly is a beautiful, eclectic place with something for everyone.  And if you don't mind the rain {because all of the rain rumors are true}, you should someday visit this wonderful city!  I'm going to have to sneak down there one more time before we head to Pittsburgh.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I have always loved visiting Portland. There is just something so magical about it, come rain or shine —even snow (it happened twice)— it's just a lovely place. I grew up all over Oregon and Washington and P-Town is still one of my favorites.
    Maybe you should make a video of Pittsburg for us like that. I've never been and don't know what it's like.

  2. Well shit. Now I miss home! I was all happy with my sunshine all the time till now! Thx for sharing....really! :)


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