Thursday, May 31, 2012

pieces of my week.

 A few, pretty sights, while walking in downtown Spokane and on EWU's campus.  

 McKenna shares Laffy Taffy jokes, while we wait for Jackson to get out of school.  I pick her up first and then we take the short drive together to pick up her brother.  Everyday, while we wait, she climbs up into the front seat to give the details of her day.  It's a happy time.

This is the exact spot where I stood for 20 minutes, with all of the other students, waiting for our tardy instructor to unlock the door to the computer lab.  I stood there, listening to the college kids around me, thinking to myself, "Wow!  These guys sound like really super smart.  I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a nerd convention."  And then suddenly the instructor {one that I didn't recognize} came hurrying down the hall and quickly unlocked the door.  The students lined up and began to follow him inside the classroom.  A young man kindly let me slip in line ahead of him and after thanking him and walking into the room, I realized I had never been in that classroom before.  Oh my heck, this isn't my class!  I pivoted swiftly and exited the way I came in and unfortunately did not go unnoticed.  I could hear the little laughing nerds, as I scurried down the hall to the correct classroom.  And then I cracked up, once I disappeared from sight.

Husband & I grabbed breakfast at a quaint, little diner and when we were served our fare, our plate ratio equaled my three to his one.  After I was embarrassed for all of 3 seconds, I gobbled up my share happily.
yumma, yumma.

Happy last day of May!!!

round button chicken

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the notebook.

This notebook has nothing to do with a Nicholas Sparks novel.  Bummer right?  In fact, to the untrained eye, the above blurry notebook might appear just plain boring and random.  Even my eldest daughter poked fun of my Instagram photo of this ridiculous notebook {as young-adults-family-members will harass you when you decide to allow them to join Instagram and then invite them to follow you and your photos of what you're eating, what you're drinking, what you're wearing, the flowers you saw, what your cute cat did that day and everyday after, the fruit salad you made, the sun shining through the trees, and a random notebook on the sofa}.  Buuuutttttttt.....this notebook was majorly symbolic yesterday and that equates to a photo op.

Yesterday the moving company guy came over and surveyed our house.  And this was his notebook.  He did nothing very extraordinary.  He simply walked through the house, counting furniture, planning for boxes, and determining box types and truck size.  At one point in the tour, he suggested that when moving day arrives, we have all of our wall hangings taken down and propped against the wall.  And suddenly it all clicked.  WE ARE MOVING.  Oh my gosh!  I need to get the wall hangings down ASAP and lined up against the wall.  What am I waiting for?  We are moving!  

I'm pretty sure Husband saw the lightbulb go off in my head.  I swear he could hear my entire inner conversation.  He looked right at me and said, "Don't you dare start taking things off the wall yet, Mist.  I know you and next time I come back from Pittsburgh, the entire house will be bare of anything on the walls."  And then he pulled one of these, "Think of the children."  

Ugh.  My evil plan spoiled again.  

So, I am going to do everything I can to NOT start preparing for moving day.  That's what moving companies are for, I suppose.  But the point is, I think I am ready to see the walls become bare.  And last week, that very thought made me almost ugly-cry.  I'm processing in a positive manner.  Good news, indeed.  Also yesterday, we are officially c-l-o-s-e-d on the house.  As in, p-h-e-w.  

Things are looking uppity-up-up-up!


it's good to be teen.

Presents in the morning...

Cake at night...
We have all decided that Jackson is truly a morning person.  No one can have that much facial expression at 7:45am {even on one's birthday} except for that kid.  No, seriously.  You should totally see me and the daughters when we are forced to open presents in the wee hours of the morning.  But, don't worry... I'll totally keep those photos to myself and allow you to just take my word for it.  :)

Oh and in other good news... supposedly this was the best cake I have ever made, according to the 4 people I live with.  And it was probably the first cake I have ever made that was not lopsided, so even better.  Geez, I hope I didn't raise the bar too high for myself.

I shall now take a short break from birthday photos...but only a short one.  We've got two more to celebrate next week.  And one might belong to me, but I'm still in denial about that, so we'll wait and see how that goes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

what i've been wearing.

 Loft sweater, Nordstrom jeans, Franco Sarto wedges, Modbod tank
 Gap Scarf, Nordstrom sequins, Nordstrom Rack skinnies, Me Too flats
 Me Too flats, Gap sweater, ModBod tank, Loft crops
 Nordstrom top, AEO skinnies, Blowfish ruby reds
Gap dress (that received a non-seam rip this day and will never be worn again *sob), JCP cardigan, Loft sandals

This week has been a comfortable one - jeans and ballet flats.  And then the one day I do decide to wear a dress {albeit the most comfortable one ever WITH POCKETS}, I get a huge rip in it.  It got stuck on a drawer pull and when I turned to walk away... shhhhhhhhht.  That's the sound of a rip happening, not a curse word.  I believe the word I said after the dress went shhhhhhhhht was very similar, however.  Anyway, the rip was not on the seam unfortunately, and so it was either an iron-on butterfly patch or the trash can.  And dramatically tossing that ruined piece of loveliness into the garbage somehow eased my pain from the loss.  I know some of you more talented friends would have been able to mend the tear in a snap and I am truly amazed by your skill and wish I was half the awesomeness you are.  Alas, I am not.  And the trash can wins.

pleated poppy

welcome to the teens, birthday boy.

Where oh where did all the time go?
Well, this little stinker went and did it.  He became a 13 year-old, officially making me a proud mother of TWO teenagers.  At the same time.  Holy smokes.  

Happy Birthday to My Most Favorite Son on the Planet!
I love you, Mr. Manly Man.

You are still as handsome as ever!

Monday, May 28, 2012

retro house photos.

While we are in the process of waiting for the fine people of Pittsburgh to list their homes for sale so that we may move into one sooner or later, Husband and I are finding things to do to pass time this weekend.  We stumbled upon these old photos of our house and I thought I would share.  These retro photos are from 2005, when I was hellbent on not buying this house, but ended up caving in the long run.  For some crazy reason I had just never dreamed of living in a real-life gingerbread house, yet there I was.  Fortunately for me, I would soon discover my natural talent for turning icky-poopoo-gingerbread-house into cute-cozy-cottage-home.
So, what I need to keep in mind is... we did it before and we can do it again!

Thank you for your encouraging words on yesterday's post!  
I feel better already!
And I lost way less hair this morning.  :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

oh the joys of moving.

Proof of an insanely fun-late-night sleepover.
{And if she ever sees this photo posted, i'm dead in the deadest way possible}

I'm super glad that someone's having fun this long holiday weekend.  Because I'm pretty sure husband and I have reached the stress-climax of our move.  At least, I hope this is the climax.  Anyway, we seem to have missed the boat on several Pittsburgh houses that sat on the market aaaaaallllllllll winter long and then suddenly all went contingent in about 33 seconds.  So, now we are in a position of as-soon-as-the-next-decent-one-pops-up-on-the-MLS-we-attack-with-an-offer.  That potentially means "sight-unseen," with Husband stuck in Spokane for the plethora of birthdays and graduations that this little family somehow managed to group into 10 whole days.  

This is causing us to behave like immature siblings, to say the least.
Yet, somehow we will get through this.
And we will be victorious.
Or live in a tent.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

how about some photos.


1,2 - pretty nature shots.
3 - pretty rocks from McKenna's field trip to the Rock Ranch.
4 - an entire color-organized closet full of pretty matching hangars.


1,2,3,4 - A spontaneous, happy date with Husband.  Our children are old enough that we can go out pretty easily, yet we like those kids so we often have them tag along.  But this Saturday evening, our children all had somewhere to go overnight.  And when there aren't any kids at home, it sort of feels like winning the lottery since so many things have to line up just exactly so in the universe for three children to be disappeared all at once.  So, we of course celebrated with a date night...dinner at the Coeur D'Alene Resort!


1 - A surprise flocking in our front yard!
2 - My brother texted me a photo of our younger, short-hair-nightmare, awful soccer uniforms, giant-feet-skinny-legs, oh-my-gosh-i-look-like-a-boy days.  This photo always gives me a laugh.  So much so, that my daughter would appreciate it if I stopped talking about it.  In her own words, "Mom, you don't look like a boy!!!  Just live with it!"

Oh sweet McKenna, that just makes me laugh harder.  :)

...real WET!  
It's hard to tell in this photo, but my bright, little windbreaker is adhering to my arms.  I chose the very right moment to head out of the school building and run across the parking lot, through a torrential downpour.  Of course the rain slowed to a sprinkle when I was safely inside my vehicle.
And of course, my umbrella was safely inside my vehicle the entire time as well.

Can you believe it's almost June?  Holy cow, we need to buy a house already!

round button chicken

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

husband's happy placeholder

Dear Husband,

Mojo-Kiki may appear quite content that you are away on business.  Not to worry though, she really does miss you and is just keeping your side of the bed warm.  I think.  

Say hi to other parts of the country for me,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a name for house.

Did you watch the last-ever House, M.D. episode?  Can you believe that show is over?  I'm still in denial, actually.  Monday nights are going to just suck from now on.  Poo.  Well, in my despair last night, I updated my Facebook status to read "Goodbye, Dr. Gregory House.  It's been a glorious eight years!"
You'll be happy to know I didn't cry or anything though.  I remained calm and collected.

Then today I went to work and was standing out on the playground, watching the little toddlers buzz around like crazy bees, when a fellow teacher/facebook friend announced her surprise to see me.  She thought we had said goodbye to our house last night and moved away and she was sad she hadn't gotten the chance to say goodbye.  And then she asked, "Well, didn't I see on Facebook, that you were saying goodbye to your house?"  And of course I laughed and explained that I was referring to House, the TV show.  And then she said, "Well, I read your post and thought, 'Isn't misty funny, naming her house!'"  

Oh gosh, I love people.

And so of course, until the day we move out... this house is now hereby named 
The Dr. Gregory House.

what i've been wearing.

jacket, crops, top - Loft
top - Anthropologie, skirt - Loft
skirt - Anthropologie, top - Coco boutique
top - Nordstrom Rack, crops - Loft, necklace - F21
top - MNG from JCP, shorts - Orchid Boutique

Here's a look at this week's attire, although as I type this post I am wearing my gym clothes {very happily}.  We finally received some rain, after days and days of bright sunshine!  And rain = running pants in my book.  Rain also = long naps in front of the television, but with all of this homework and all these children who live with me and require food and attention, a nap will have to wait.

Oh look, here comes a kid now!
Yes, I'll sign your permission slip.  No, I don't think anyone is in the bathroom.  Maybe you should put away the cheetoh's because I'm about to start dinner.  No, I don't know what's for dinner.  

pleated poppy

Monday, May 21, 2012

thank you, yucky weather.

no vehicle was driven during the snapping of this photo.
Today, Monday May 21st, 2012:

This morning it was raining and the world looked cold and damp from the safety of my window.  The good news at best, I wouldn't have to water my parched lawn.  The bad news, I had no desire to wear anything but work-out sweats to school.  The kids and I said our goodbyes to Husband and walked out through the front door, only to be met with an unexpected warm, muggy air temperature.  It felt tropical.  And for Spokane {normally dry and arid and wrinkle-inducing}, it felt like a small miracle.  Jackson remarked right away that it felt like we were on vacation and he had a smile plastered across his cute, freckled face.  We hopped into the swagger wagon and as I was backing out of our driveway, that boy went on to say, "I love this humidity.  When we move, I will wake up extra early just to stand outside in the air.  This is my favorite smell."  We went on to discuss how weird our new neighbors will find us, as we all stand outside each morning, sniffing the air.  We laughed and all was right with the universe.  For a moment, that boy dreamed sweetly of living in a new place.  These are the small moments that keep me going.

- A Mom at peace

house-hunting inspiration.

Source: via Misty on Pinterest

As I spend my evenings scouring the interwebs for a new place to call home in Pittsburgh, I try to keep in mind, that after all, it's just a house.  It's what my family creates from it and experiences in it that make it a home.  Just like we did in Spokane and just like we will do anywhere we are blessed to live.

Sweet dreams, friends.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

sold. the one month anniversary.

I'd like to take a moment to revisit the day we sold our house.  Look at how happy we look.  Step One of Mission: Move To Pittsburgh complete.  Can you even believe this photo was taken one month ago?

That's right.  Today marks-one-month-to-the-day of putting that bold, red SOLD sign up.

I'm sure much of my obvious joy captured so well in this photo had to do with feeling relieved that I would no longer be concerning myself with keeping the house spotless.  I was also feeling pretty confident about our adventurous move, having just returned from a spectacular trip to Pittsburgh over Spring Break.  On this photographed day, my whole little family was feeling pretty confident.

Four weeks later, the Spring Break memories have faded to the back of our minds though, and there are times when our confidence feels a little crumbly.  We continue to live our daily lives with the utmost normalcy: school, friends, work, sports, laundry, television, yard work, field trips, cleaning, eating, you name it.  Moving seems sort of surreal and at some times sad and scary, while at other times exciting and new.  Little McKenna seems most coolheaded out of any of us, ready to be a middle schooler in a new school and making new friends {here in Spokane she would still be in elementary school next year}.  Having older siblings, she has naturally always been ready to forge ahead in age.  Poor middle-kid-teen Jackson is not having the same thoughts as little sister.  He has reached a point of denial so much that when we are looking at photos of potential houses to buy, he suddenly has a desperate urge to go outside and shoot hoops.  He'll find anything to do, rather than speak of Pittsburgh, as it means leaving friends.  And that's hard.  Almost-high-school-graduate Elyssa is being very mature and grown up about it all.  She is very comfortable with sharing her opinions about houses and education and will only have her younger siblings attending the very best schools.  She is also sad about saying goodbye to friends, but has known it would happen someday soon for college, so is somewhat prepared.

As for Husband and I, we have our days.  We both will have times when we have to remain strong and grown-up and make tough decisions.  And then we have times when anxiety sets in and we wish we could make the spinning stop.  I find that I do best when I am busy {so thank goodness I am}.  In quiet times, boy can I get myself worked up with the unknowns, the to-do lists, and the dwindling days in Spokane.  But when I let my mind wander to more optimistic things, oh how thrilling will this new adventure be!  New sights to see!  New friends to make!  A new home to decorate!  New cultures to experience!  New stores to shop!  A new chapter in our lives.  This can be really good.

So, when the moving company comes on July 9th to pack away our house into millions of boxes, this family will be feeling many things.  But we will all have one another.  And we will have the support and love of our friends and family.  And we will persevere.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

have a flocking good weekend.

My family assured me that have a flocking good weekend was indeed appropriate.  So, if you are offended, you should probably blame them.  I do it all the time, so they're used to being falsely accused.

I suppose these photos warrant an explanation {although who needs to justify an overabundance of flamingos on a front lawn, really?}.  We were "flocked" last night, while we were innocently up late watching Disney Channel {yes, with the kids - although I am guilty sometimes of watching that channel without them}.  The "flocking" is for a fundraiser apparently, and someone paid good money to congregate pink birds upon our lawn.  I am choosing to view this action as a form of love and adoration {I'll take any sign of friendship I can get}.  And when we also pay good money to have this flock "flown" to another coop, it will also be out of the kindness of our hearts.  And plus also, it's flocking hilarious.

Have a happy weekend, chumsies!


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