Saturday, May 19, 2012

have a flocking good weekend.

My family assured me that have a flocking good weekend was indeed appropriate.  So, if you are offended, you should probably blame them.  I do it all the time, so they're used to being falsely accused.

I suppose these photos warrant an explanation {although who needs to justify an overabundance of flamingos on a front lawn, really?}.  We were "flocked" last night, while we were innocently up late watching Disney Channel {yes, with the kids - although I am guilty sometimes of watching that channel without them}.  The "flocking" is for a fundraiser apparently, and someone paid good money to congregate pink birds upon our lawn.  I am choosing to view this action as a form of love and adoration {I'll take any sign of friendship I can get}.  And when we also pay good money to have this flock "flown" to another coop, it will also be out of the kindness of our hearts.  And plus also, it's flocking hilarious.

Have a happy weekend, chumsies!

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