Thursday, May 24, 2012

how about some photos.


1,2 - pretty nature shots.
3 - pretty rocks from McKenna's field trip to the Rock Ranch.
4 - an entire color-organized closet full of pretty matching hangars.


1,2,3,4 - A spontaneous, happy date with Husband.  Our children are old enough that we can go out pretty easily, yet we like those kids so we often have them tag along.  But this Saturday evening, our children all had somewhere to go overnight.  And when there aren't any kids at home, it sort of feels like winning the lottery since so many things have to line up just exactly so in the universe for three children to be disappeared all at once.  So, we of course celebrated with a date night...dinner at the Coeur D'Alene Resort!


1 - A surprise flocking in our front yard!
2 - My brother texted me a photo of our younger, short-hair-nightmare, awful soccer uniforms, giant-feet-skinny-legs, oh-my-gosh-i-look-like-a-boy days.  This photo always gives me a laugh.  So much so, that my daughter would appreciate it if I stopped talking about it.  In her own words, "Mom, you don't look like a boy!!!  Just live with it!"

Oh sweet McKenna, that just makes me laugh harder.  :)

...real WET!  
It's hard to tell in this photo, but my bright, little windbreaker is adhering to my arms.  I chose the very right moment to head out of the school building and run across the parking lot, through a torrential downpour.  Of course the rain slowed to a sprinkle when I was safely inside my vehicle.
And of course, my umbrella was safely inside my vehicle the entire time as well.

Can you believe it's almost June?  Holy cow, we need to buy a house already!

round button chicken


  1. Lovely date pictures!

    The "surprise flocking" is pretty good, too.

  2. What are those gorgeous white flowers? They're lovely!

  3. I so have to agree with your daughter! You do not look like a boy! lol

  4. love these photos especially the one with the pink flamingoes! haha!




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