Monday, May 14, 2012

i sure do feel loved.

This Mother's Day morning started with me waking up to sleeping kids and hopping into the shower to get an early start.  But when I finished showering and brushing my teeth {taking what seemed like} and I opened the bathroom kids yelled "Happy Mother's Day!!!!!" from their seated positions in the hallway, right outside the door.  Boy, did that give me quite the happy startle!  From there, I was whisked into the dining room where flowers, homemade cards {the best kind}, and gifts awaited me.  After much sharing of gushy, mushy words that crept right into my heart, we got all dolled up and went to THE chocolate fountain buffet.  It's not actually called that, but for us, it may as well be.  

Anyway, the whole day was spent together, eating favorite foods and treats, shopping for summer clothes, sitting in the sunshine, and getting ridiculously spoiled.  The only thing that would have made it a crumb better was if Husband had been here to share in the celebrating of myself, but he's currently in Pittsburgh scouting us a home to move into.  And that's tres importante and exciting stuff, so no big deal.  

I hope your weekend was as bomb as mine!  Now back to the grind.  


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  2. Happy Mother's Day to a very deserving mother :) That would be you!

  3. sounds just wonderful! So glad you had a good day. Sweet kids!


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