Friday, June 1, 2012

just say no to stodgy.

I stumbled upon this photo and suddenly the denial lifted 
and I am able to embrace the fact that I will be turning 35 next week.
*hush.  don't ruin it.

Ok, Ok.  You caught me trying to lie about my age.  The truth is that I've already turned 35 once upon a time.  I've even turned a couple numbers that follow consecutively.  
What more do you want from me??? 
And anyway, I've suddenly had this crazy revelation that I want to spend this week before my birthday attempting to recapture some of my youth.  
Or anyone's youth for that matter.  
I'm not picky.  
I mean, if I try to capture my own youth, then that leads to all sorts of disastrous decisions like blue mascara, ratted bangs, overalls, and braces.  But what if I just let loose a little and am a little more a younger person?  Good, right?  It'll be like a planned mid-life crisis.  Planned spontaneity.  So, tomorrow I'll start.  Probably small.  And if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear!

*The truth is... this move is making me stodgy.  And I wanna have some fun.

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