Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the lady who takes pictures of flowers on campus.

  1. As with most mornings, my lazy internet-surfing upon my wake-up makes for a bunch of rushing around and staring blankly into my closet in a panic.  What am I going to wear?  Ugh,
  2. Hippie braids were my brainchild for solving a very static-y hair dilemma.  Years younger, right?
  3. I can't stop taking instagram photos of flowers.  or my food.  exciting times, I tell you.
  4. Head-to-toe brights this day!  The young 20-something girl behind the deli counter complimented my skinnies and I was all like, "They're at Nordstrom Rack for pretty cheap."  And she was all like, "Do you ever go to Marshalls?" and I was all like, "Sometimes."  And then she was like, "I just bought some workout clothes for really cheap."  And then she handed me my jojo's and that was that.  Intense.
Like, have a rad day!



  1. Love your photos! You hair is so pretty! And I wish we had flowers..the snow JUST left a couple weeks ago. :(

  2. well.. hispter is as hipster does. Sometimes I'm a hipster. Sometimes I catch myself being that way haha.

  3. love the hair, and when i read the bit about lazy internet-surfing upon waking up, i may have blushed a tiny bit. guilty. every.single.morning. i may even have skipped showering this morning? yikes.

  4. you're too cute. so glad i found you through tid+bits. we moved to va from pittsburgh! that city is so beautiful. you'll love it :) it's like a city with a hometown feel. let me know if you need any insider info, like where to park for free for pirates games or concerts in the city, etc. ha seriously, though! please do. my email is on my "contacts" tab on the side bar.


  5. ps love your site design! it's so fresh and clean.


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