Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a name for house.

Did you watch the last-ever House, M.D. episode?  Can you believe that show is over?  I'm still in denial, actually.  Monday nights are going to just suck from now on.  Poo.  Well, in my despair last night, I updated my Facebook status to read "Goodbye, Dr. Gregory House.  It's been a glorious eight years!"
You'll be happy to know I didn't cry or anything though.  I remained calm and collected.

Then today I went to work and was standing out on the playground, watching the little toddlers buzz around like crazy bees, when a fellow teacher/facebook friend announced her surprise to see me.  She thought we had said goodbye to our house last night and moved away and she was sad she hadn't gotten the chance to say goodbye.  And then she asked, "Well, didn't I see on Facebook, that you were saying goodbye to your house?"  And of course I laughed and explained that I was referring to House, the TV show.  And then she said, "Well, I read your post and thought, 'Isn't misty funny, naming her house!'"  

Oh gosh, I love people.

And so of course, until the day we move out... this house is now hereby named 
The Dr. Gregory House.

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