Thursday, May 10, 2012

a peek at the week.


 One afternoon, McKenna decorated our front steps with flower-petal arrangements and it was lovely.
She is lovely, isn't she?


 I drove all the way to Panda for lunch, in between classes.  And it was well worth the trip.  
For dessert...a Snickers bar.  Yum.

 I stopped at a traffic light, only to peer out and spy my neighbors' faces on a bench.  Husband says now we have to get one.
But really, what would that be like?  Oh look kids, there's my face on that bench!


I am no potter.  I learned that in Art class this week.  Working with clay is not for the clumsy and impatient.  And then there's Jack who is reading Into the Wild and is already confused in the first few pages.  Why does this guy have two names???  So, we are both going to read and discuss this book together.  I'm rather looking forward to this little venture, as the only books I make time to read these days are text {boring} books.

*On a wonderfully exciting note... My parents are coming!  My parents are coming!  They are driving up to visit, just in time for Mother's Day!  
round button chicken


  1. "Into the Wild" is a very good book...but I must warn you it is quite sad. The movie is excellent too.

  2. was that an ad on the bench? That's funny.

  3. Aw, I just love our city (yes, I'm a Pittsburgher!)- so let me be the first to say welcome, even though you don't sound like you're quite here yet.
    How did I miss out on that book? I'll have to check into it.


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