Thursday, May 3, 2012

pieces of my week.


1.  pretty sun-peek through my favorite tulip tree.
2.  brightening up my day with some bling.
3.  sun pouring in on mckenna's plant-watering in striped socks.


1.  circus animal cookie love.
2.  a pinch-pot frog made by mckenna.  love that tongue.
3.  spring green.  happiness.


1.  husband said a funny and made me blow my rice krispies.
2.  dandelions found their way onto our fertilized lawn.  this is funny if you know how 
articulate husband is about the lawn.
3.  mckenna's delicious cake explosion.  learning the hard way about non-stick spray.


1.  I turn 38 next month {ugh} so this issue of Oprah speaks directly to me.
2.  Some days lunch just needs to be a pudding cup.
3.  Some breakfasts just need to come from mcdonalds.

Have a foxy day!

round button chicken


  1. LOVE that necklace and green sweater. And your fabulous blog :)

  2. This is a nice post - I like your photos!


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