Sunday, May 20, 2012

sold. the one month anniversary.

I'd like to take a moment to revisit the day we sold our house.  Look at how happy we look.  Step One of Mission: Move To Pittsburgh complete.  Can you even believe this photo was taken one month ago?

That's right.  Today marks-one-month-to-the-day of putting that bold, red SOLD sign up.

I'm sure much of my obvious joy captured so well in this photo had to do with feeling relieved that I would no longer be concerning myself with keeping the house spotless.  I was also feeling pretty confident about our adventurous move, having just returned from a spectacular trip to Pittsburgh over Spring Break.  On this photographed day, my whole little family was feeling pretty confident.

Four weeks later, the Spring Break memories have faded to the back of our minds though, and there are times when our confidence feels a little crumbly.  We continue to live our daily lives with the utmost normalcy: school, friends, work, sports, laundry, television, yard work, field trips, cleaning, eating, you name it.  Moving seems sort of surreal and at some times sad and scary, while at other times exciting and new.  Little McKenna seems most coolheaded out of any of us, ready to be a middle schooler in a new school and making new friends {here in Spokane she would still be in elementary school next year}.  Having older siblings, she has naturally always been ready to forge ahead in age.  Poor middle-kid-teen Jackson is not having the same thoughts as little sister.  He has reached a point of denial so much that when we are looking at photos of potential houses to buy, he suddenly has a desperate urge to go outside and shoot hoops.  He'll find anything to do, rather than speak of Pittsburgh, as it means leaving friends.  And that's hard.  Almost-high-school-graduate Elyssa is being very mature and grown up about it all.  She is very comfortable with sharing her opinions about houses and education and will only have her younger siblings attending the very best schools.  She is also sad about saying goodbye to friends, but has known it would happen someday soon for college, so is somewhat prepared.

As for Husband and I, we have our days.  We both will have times when we have to remain strong and grown-up and make tough decisions.  And then we have times when anxiety sets in and we wish we could make the spinning stop.  I find that I do best when I am busy {so thank goodness I am}.  In quiet times, boy can I get myself worked up with the unknowns, the to-do lists, and the dwindling days in Spokane.  But when I let my mind wander to more optimistic things, oh how thrilling will this new adventure be!  New sights to see!  New friends to make!  A new home to decorate!  New cultures to experience!  New stores to shop!  A new chapter in our lives.  This can be really good.

So, when the moving company comes on July 9th to pack away our house into millions of boxes, this family will be feeling many things.  But we will all have one another.  And we will have the support and love of our friends and family.  And we will persevere.

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