Monday, May 21, 2012

thank you, yucky weather.

no vehicle was driven during the snapping of this photo.
Today, Monday May 21st, 2012:

This morning it was raining and the world looked cold and damp from the safety of my window.  The good news at best, I wouldn't have to water my parched lawn.  The bad news, I had no desire to wear anything but work-out sweats to school.  The kids and I said our goodbyes to Husband and walked out through the front door, only to be met with an unexpected warm, muggy air temperature.  It felt tropical.  And for Spokane {normally dry and arid and wrinkle-inducing}, it felt like a small miracle.  Jackson remarked right away that it felt like we were on vacation and he had a smile plastered across his cute, freckled face.  We hopped into the swagger wagon and as I was backing out of our driveway, that boy went on to say, "I love this humidity.  When we move, I will wake up extra early just to stand outside in the air.  This is my favorite smell."  We went on to discuss how weird our new neighbors will find us, as we all stand outside each morning, sniffing the air.  We laughed and all was right with the universe.  For a moment, that boy dreamed sweetly of living in a new place.  These are the small moments that keep me going.

- A Mom at peace

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