Friday, May 18, 2012

when plastering photos of your personal life all over the internet pays off.

Ok, true story.  Allow me to take you back to earlier this afternoon.  I'm standing in the bedding aisle at Target {I know, pretty rad story so far}.  I need sheets for the eldest's bed - desperately for like a month now.  And I'm standing there, looking at all of the colors and feeling a little overwhelmed.  Her comforter is purpally, but look at all the shades of purple sheets there are.  Well, I could go with a soft gray, but look at the different gray tones {no, not 50 shades of gray}.  It's not like you can mix those.  Oooh, perhaps I should just stick with white.  White goes with everything.  Or a pattern?  I don't know.

Then idea {a miracle, yes I'm aware}.

I pull out my iPhone {that I could never ever live without} and I pull up this really awesome blog called Across and Down a Little Bit {perhaps you've heard of this} and I scroll to our house photos that I had used in the MLS listing.  KaPOW!  There was the eldest's bedroom photo, with her bed ever so conveniently displayed.  Multitude of sheet options - you have no power over me.  So, even though it's possible to put too much information, that nobody cares about, out there on the www and it can still be totally the best idea ever.

And even better than sheets, Husband came home last night!  Doesn't he look handsome after a long day of flying?  I definitely don't come off a plane looking so dapper.

*I'm almost 100% positive Husband would have bet anything I'd title this post something to do with having the sheets.  Just saying.

**Sweetheart - super secret code - click on 'just saying'!


  1. My BF says he uses my blog to remember what he ate that week if he forgets! I look back to make sure I'm not wearing the same thing too many times in a month! I tell you these things are useful for so many reasons!


  2. You're so funny! I have totally done similar things when trying to match outfits or whatever!


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