Tuesday, June 5, 2012

always learning.

Husband hopped on a plane Sunday afternoon and headed back to Pittsburgh, via Akron Canton Airport. I'm not really sure what the point of flying into Akron was {airline preference perhaps.  he probably told me, but i forget}, but from that place, Pittsburgh is a fun-filled two-hour drive.  It didn't sound so bad when he booked the flight, I mean, with the three hour time difference and all.  But after a 1.5 hour flight delay, he was hurting, arriving into Akron at midnight and then driving two hours to Pitt.  Plus also, the GPS had him taking some awful back road, after a stop for coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  And during that awful drive, whilst trying not to fall asleep at the wheel, he hit what he could only describe as a big, juicy watermelon.  Fortunately, he was able to plow right on through, no harm done to himself or the rental car.  Not-so-fortunate for whatever critter it is that sounds like a melon when it comes into contact with a moving vehicle at high speeds.
Anywayz, perky and rearing to go on two full hours of sleep, that man took some time to look at more homes today.  We are in trouble, people.  We are the darndest, pickiest twosome I know.  This task of finding a blasted house is going to take a gigantic miracle.  On a good note, however, Husband dined at the Giant Eagle for supper and I'm super jealous.  That place is edible magic.

And so anyway, that's what he's doing while the rest of us do our thang in Spokane.


  1. Because Akron is AWESOME!!! haha :) No but a lot of times you can get super cheap flights into CAK because it's a tiny little airport. Driving two hours to Pitt at midnight though? Yikes! So you don't get to see the inside of the house before picking one? Maybe he can video them!

  2. my goodness. this sounds like the worst! you may be picky but at least you won't settle. when its right its right :)


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