Wednesday, June 13, 2012

and even though she fought it, 38 won with sensibility.

Last Friday I turned a whopping 38 years-old.  And in the days prior to that birthday, I declared that I would partake in activities as to celebrate my declining youth.  
Well, friends...
all of that feet-dragging in an attempt to elude the aging process was for not.
Just look at my new shoes {purchased post-38}.
Clogs.  Sheer comfort.  Plain.
Cute & ugly all mixed into pure loveliness.

Comfort is slowly winning the war on my feet.  
What in the world is happening to me?

*kindly don't answer that.  just tell me my shoes are great and have a nice day.


  1. Your shoes are great and have a nice day.
    What? You asked for it!
    Happy late birthday!!!!!!

  2. I think comfy shoes can be lovely! My feet have been complaining a lot lately so I've been on a "flats only" diet. It's tough, but hopefully worth it in the end!

    Your shoes are lovely and I do wish you a nice day!


  3. i think they're darling! i'm 39 and know exactly what you mean! i love high heels for a few hours--but i am so much more into cute, comfy flats. i also love a lot of clarks shoes now (i used to think they were so old woman shoes, but they've really come out with some cute ones!)


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