Monday, June 4, 2012

finding my youth in the rain.

So, it all started with McKenna coming home and freaking out because a 4th grade teacher told the students that Spokane might have tornadoes tonight.  Okay, first of all, Spokane doesn't have tornadoes.  Ever.  Spokane is relatively lame in the natural disaster department.  Second of all... well, I guess I don't really have a second of all.  Of course, though, no tornado has touched down upon us as of yet.  And in order to put freaked-out emotions to rest, I invited the kids to sit outside on the front porch with me and watch the storm roll through.  Soon those kids were out in the rain, playing basketball, having a nerf gun war, and getting soaked.  And I was promptly inspired to get in on the action too.  Just a little.  You know, enough to make the neighbors wonder what in the heck that lady is doing barefoot in the rain.

Here's to a very uneventful tornado-free evening!

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