Thursday, June 7, 2012

goodbye, my little university.

Tomorrow is my last day at Eastern Washington University.  
When Husband first told me about his possible job promotion/move across the country, I said Congratulations, but no.
I had my eye on my prize - my teaching degree.  I felt very much that I wanted to stay in Spokane and complete that goal.
But sometimes our paths in life aren't straight and my path to becoming a teacher is winding a bit.
I realize that I'll get there someday soon, but it is after all, about the journey.
Perhaps my journey will teach me some things about being the best I can be.
And the importance of being patient and determined.
So, I won't be finishing my degree at Eastern.
But you can bet there WILL be a diploma in my near future!

Good bye EWU friends!  It's been real!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new follower but I'm not sure I've commented yet. We moved from our hometown to a larger town (about 2.5 hrs away) when I was 2 years into my college education. I understand how you feel. It was hard at first but I actually ended up loving the school I transferred to and it was a great experience. The company I work for is based in Pittsburgh. I hear it's pretty hilly there? You'll love the east coast...our beaches are amazing ;)


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