Monday, June 25, 2012

jeet jet? no d'ju?

It's quite a thing, overhearing the word "yinz" used in everyday language, 
for the first time.  
Yinz wanna get something to drink?
I find myself using that word any way that I possibly can, just to be funny 
{I crack myself up don'tcha know}.
But I told husband to shoot me the day that word shoots through my nasal passage and runs outta my mouth in a way that might be perceived as natural and/or subconscious.  
Because that day will come.
Oh that day will come.
Yinz betta watch aht.

*honestly though, i do love that pittsburgh has it's own spin on the english language.  it's pretty darn cool.

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  1. Ha! Omg...when we were bought out by the new company (Pittsburgh based) we had a welcome to xyx company class and the guy was telling us about those words! I had heard yinz before but never n'at! I told him it was ok they have to get used to us southerners saying "y'all" for pretty much everything! hahahaha funny stuff!


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