Wednesday, June 13, 2012

more home-buying options.

Husband & son are making the trek out to Pittsburgh this Friday {after that last day of school OMG!}.  They are on yet another mission to peek inside of homes that are for sale.  I will actually have the opportunity to get over to that fine city myself very soon too to aid in this seemingly endless chore.  Below, are some of the options available to us....  perhaps one of these will be the one?  

 I really like the charm in this house.  It will be interesting to see how that driveway looks in real life, as it could potentially be a ski slope and that's never fun.

 This one is pretty too.  With a little ripping down of wallpaper and rolling on of much paint, I could see us getting along just fine.

Someone really likes green in this house.  Green carpet is a bit of a pain, but can be fixed.  I do love the kitchen and the entry way.  I just worry that the house might look like every other house on the block.  

And then the last property below is reserved only in the slightest case that dreams really do come true...
Can you even imagine?  


  1. How in the world can you pick?! I love something about each one.

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  3. Good Luck with house hunting. My father always said it's a lot easier to buy something than sell something....and since you already sold your just have the easy part now (wink).


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