Tuesday, June 19, 2012

music to a mother's ears.

Friday was the last day of school for my kids, and if you remember me sharing, it was a tough day for all of us, especially my son.  Jackson hopped into my car after the last day of school and immediately started crying.  He didn't want to say goodbye to his friends and he loved his school.  That afternoon was spent on an emotional roller coaster for that boy.  He was laughing and playing one minute and then the next minute he was on his bed quietly crying.  "I don't want to move," he said with puffy eyes and a broken heart.  Oh the guilt.
McKenna was fortunate to have had a play date right after school got out, so her mind was preoccupied.  But when I went to pick her up that evening, I was told that she had been crying at school and then again after the final bell and a little while later at her friend's house.  Oh, even more guilt.  
Then there's Elyssa who seems to be handling this all very maturely, although I know she is sad to move away from her friends.  When husband and I suggested we throw a gigantic goodbye party at the park and invite all the friends/families we know, so we have a chance to say goodbye, she was pretty quick to shoot that idea down.  She doesn't want to experience awkward goodbyes and apparently a goodbye party = awkward goodbyes.  Yep, guilt again.
On top of my own children feeling such sadness, I also feel bad that other children and their families will experience what it is to watch a close friend move away, when we finally go.  My children have made quite a positive impact as friends, and they will be missed.

And that's why when Jackson called me from Pittsburgh, exclaiming with joy that he LOVED his new school, it was pure magical music to my ears.  When we last-minute decided to put Jackson on the plane to Pitt with Husband, it was a strategic move really.  First of all, father-son bonding.  Second, to aid in the task of finding a house {that kid needs a task continually}.  Third, to see Pittsburgh again, hopefully becoming more comfortable with this new place {change is terribly hard}.  All three strategic goals accomplished!  Smart husband took Jackson to his new school, met with a counselor and took a tour.  Jackson is in love.  He actually said he can't wait for school to start this fall {and I totally wish I had a recording of him saying that because I know it would come in handy for future use}.  In his own words, he "knew it was love when he saw the school's basketball court."  And in my own words... whatever makes you happy, my little man.
So, in spite of the rough exit from school and the guilt I feel naturally for all of the sadness in the world, a tremendous weight lifted as I listened to Jack describe the pure awesomeness that is his new educational institution.  And if I didn't still have this horrific cold, I could probably breathe easy again.

Thank you Husband, for whatever magic you are working over there!
Keep it up!

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