Saturday, June 9, 2012

of which she gracefully turned 38 and drove 1.5 hours for chicken.

What a wonderful birthday!
First of all, I magically aced my last exam at EWU.  Ka-bam!  And then for real, I made my last walk through campus, never to return again.  And it felt awesome.
Next I treated my disgusting feet to a pedicure, where I met the most cutest 8 year-old boy {son of a foot tech} who showed me magic tricks and treated me to You Tube videos of which I learned the secrets to card tricks - all while I had my feet beautified.  I was reminded of how much I love other peoples children and I'm totally going to dig being a teacher.
The highlight of my day had to be the 1.5 hour drive to Moscow, Idaho for a birthday dinner at Winger's. As part of my intent on staying young and fun while growing old, I decided this drive was clearly something that must be done.  And it was worth EVERY mile of that drive through the middle of nowhere.  Usually people drive into the city to eat at a restaurant, but that's so unoriginal.  So, into the country we drove.  And it was beautiful.
Plus there was a rainbow.
So intense.

Holy son-of-a-foot-tech, it was a good day!

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