Thursday, June 21, 2012

a perfect excursion.

Pretty is the day when you decide to take your youngest daughter and her very awesome friend to Silverwood Theme Park.  And the weather is perfect.  And the park is pretty much empty.  And the lines for rides are nonexistent.  And the girls are old enough to run along and play while you read your book beside the very empty wave pool.   And your toe nails don't look half-bad.


Happy is two girls dressed like twins, laughing and chatting and skipping along at said amusement park.  And riding a roller coaster only to get off and get right back on {5 times!} because of the nonexistent lines.  As a mom, happy is riding solo behind two giggling girls on every ride, and reliving a little bit of childhood through their eyes.  


Funny is the amount of food one mom + two girls ate on their way out of the park, after hot sun, lots of roller coater rides, and swimming.  Not pictured is the pretzels and Icee's.  And then the Wendy's dinner we had in the car on the way home.  Oink.


Real is not photographed out of the kindness of my heart.
Real is what happens when your stomach gets home and realizes what you just did to it at the amusement park.  And it's not pretty.

A day that perfect though, worth it!

round button chicken

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