Thursday, June 7, 2012

pieces of my week.

 1.  A pretty cat, watching cars through the window.  Boy do I love that cat.
2.  Pretty sunshine-y day of which to bask in my sunhat.  

 1.  Happy to be catching some sun-rays in between boring classes {it's my last week!}.
2.  Extra happy to be snuggling on the couch with my McKenna.
3.  Elyssa's ironed graduation gown gets me all giddy inside.  Sunday is the day!

 After dropping Husband off at the airport, the kids and I ate a fancy Taco Bell lunch in the parking lot.  
And we had an audience of the seagull kind.  
Never in my wildest dreams would I dare imagine taking pictures of seagulls in a parking lot...
so thank you Instagram.  

Ahhh, shoes....
1.  Rainy and cold, I decided to wear my running shoes to work for the first time ever.  And I think the teaching staff went into shock at the very sight.  Right before I left for the day, I heard, "I just do not know what to think of those shoes, Misty.  I'm just having a hard time seeing you in those things."  And she was seriously distraught.  
2.  McKenna picked out her very first pair of heels {to wear to Elyssa's graduation}.  She's only 10 years old, but her feet are as big as mine and she's been so excited about it, so I decided there's really no harm in it.  Playing dress-up is absolutely divine, darling!

So, this is my very last day of being 37!  Woot woot!  *sigh

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