Monday, June 18, 2012

plum crazy are the girls in this family.

Sunday morning, McKenna and I discussed our plan options for the day, being that it was just us two left to our own devices.  We considered bowling and shopping and lunch.  And then that young girl got an idea that she wanted to drive 1.5 hours for Winger's chicken again.  And I couldn't say yes to that idea fast enough!  So, we hopped in the car and drove and drove and drove.  And then we ate our lunch of deliciousness.  

And then I drove the long drive home and was suddenly hit with the worst cold ever.  BAM!  
Not to jump to conclusions, but I'm pretty sure those pesky toddlers I work with are to blame for this horrible disease I've developed.  Those little stinkers are like that, ya know.  Just wiping their little germs on anything and everything they can.  Corrupt, I tell you.
Why meeeeeeeee????
So, this fine Monday, I am quite the sick mess with a runny nose, tickly ears, a cough, and a Sudafed hangover.
But somewhere in the back of my fried brain, I know there is some happiness lurking
because we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Well, too much excitement for me.  Back to bed I go.

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