Saturday, June 16, 2012

riverfront park date with the girl.

After a lazy morning, the young girl and I decided to get out of our pajamas and kick it at Riverfront Park.  A day in this fun place in Downtown Spokane was on our bucket list of things to do before we leave for Pittsburgh, and today was absolutely perfect.  We started off by feeding the ducks alongside the river, until I ruined the fun by reading a posted sign specifically asking the public not to feed the birds.  Oops.  The next stop was the famous Looff Carrousel!  McKenna could ride around and around on that thing all day, but I limited it to two tokens.  I'm such a meanie.  Our last stop was the fountain, which is simply a perfect end to a park visit on a hot summer day {since kids are 100% without-a-doubt going to get drenched even if they intend to only get their feet wet}.  

Other fun events from this evening's list:
  • McDonald's dinner in front of the TV {grease much?}.
  • Fort-building and movie watching.
  • Swedish fish, Oreos, and red licorice {as if McD's wasn't enough}.
Goodnight, friends!  Fort time!

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  1. Looks like a perfect day spent with your sweet gal!


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