Saturday, June 23, 2012

the tour.

Hey kids {by kids I mostly mean my own children and their grandparents who are all on vacation together}!  But if you would like to stick around and look at tons of photos of our future home, well then, let's get to it.

The Tour

What you see when you first walk through the front door.   

To the right.  I'm so looking forward to decorating this cute corner. 

To the left.  A family room. 

 Also ahead to the left are stairs to the bedrooms.

 The family room with gas fireplace.  :)

 And now back to the right.  The living room.  
This will be an empty room until we find some furniture.  Yikes!

The dining room, which excites me greatly.  And sliding doors to the deck. 

The kitchen and nook.  I actually get to look outside while I cook!  
I imagine a homework table. 

 Straight ahead - a bathroom and laundry room.

 And the stairs going downstairs.  

The only photo I got of the downstairs is the bathroom.  Oops. 

Elyssa's bedroom.  Two closets?  No way! 

McKenna's room!  Right across from big sister! 

 A spare room/office.

Upstairs potty. 

Jackson's room! 

Master bedroom.  I can't even fathom the space in this room.  
I only hope I can get used to it.  :) 

The deck is my absolute favorite.  The owner asked if we wouldn't mind keeping the flowers.
Um.  Let me think.  No!  I love you! 

So, that's basically it for the tour.  We really are gaga over this house.  It's got an old, charming feel to it and that's probably what we love most.  We have room for company to stay now and that really helps with the move.  We really only plan to rid the upstairs of the carpeting and shine up those wood floors.  And do some painting.  Other than that, we think it's pretty swell.


  1. It looks awesome! SO jealous of all that closet space!


  2. Where in Pittsburgh are you ending up? The house is cute!


  3. Welcome to Pittsburgh! It is a great city to live. I am a transplant as well, from NC. Love your blog. ~Liz

  4. What a huge house that is! Good luck as you get to make each nook and cranny into your new home. That's the fun part! :)


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