Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what i've been wearing

 Nordstrom Rack Jacket, Anthro tee, AEO skinnies, Loft sandals
 Nordstrom Rack top, Loft crops, F21 bracelets, JCP sandals
Costco sweater, Shade shorts, ModBod tank, Loft sandals
Loft neon checkers, Loft black maxi skirt, Loft metallic sandals 

Loft jacket & tank, Nordstrom skinnies, JCP flats

Here's my rags for the week.
It's always interesting to me, looking over my outfit photos as I post them.  To me, I don't see anything fancy or extravagant.  I just see me wearing clothes that I bought because I really, really liked em.  Yet, whenever I walk into work or class my clothing becomes an instant topic of conversation for others.  Someone always comments about what I am wearing.  It's kinda crazy, really.

-Oh my gosh, you are so brave for wearing that to Art class.
-Wow!  You look like you're going to the beach.
- I always wonder what Misty's going to be wearing.
Do you ever wear the same thing twice?

These are just a few of the things I hear each day.  That might also speak volumes about the area in which I live, I suppose.  Perhaps when I move to Big City, USofA, I'll just blend right in and no one will say a darn thing.  :)

Ah geez, that sounds like no fun.

pleated poppy


  1. I seriously love that last outfit - and you shorts are perfect!

  2. I adore your green coat! Great outfits.


  3. I love how you use color in all your outfits~ so fun! I think the last outfit is my fave, though. Chevron and leopard... be still my heart!

  4. I love your style and all of your outfits! Also, I have that exact same green Costco sweater and only wore it once because I didn't really know how to wear it in a way I liked. Now I'm inspired... thanks!

  5. Great outfits!! Hope your move goes smoothly.

  6. Adorbs as usual!a love the colors

  7. YOu are so cute! I love the green coat in the first picture!


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