Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what i've been wearing

Nordstrom Rack top, BR hat, MEK jeans, JCP sandals
Loft shorts & sweater, ModBod tank, Old Navy flipflops
Banana Republic top, Loft crops, F21 flats
And then winter came back....  Gap jacket, Gap peach top, Nordstrom jeans, Born boots
Suede Banana Republic jacket, Anthro top, Gap skinnies, JCP sandals

As I peruse my long list of personal style blogs on Reader, I sense that summer is happening in all parts of the country but my own.  While bloggers are donning cute shorts and tank tops and tan lines, there are days here in Eastern Washington that I am still wearing leather boots and wool jackets.  
On occasion though, this girl's pasty, white limbs are given a chance to air out before disappearing back into a pair of warm pants again.
And it's the memory of those days that keep me going.
*cue dramatic music
pleated poppy


  1. Have I mentioned how cute you look in a fedora? Well, you do!
    Don't worry, there is no summer around my parts either:-(

  2. Hey I have that BR striped shirt! Love it with the green crops

  3. I'm with Peggy, that BR striped top is awesome! All your outfits are great - you wear them so well. It's been HOT and windy here in Kansas...I'm mentally urging it your direction!

  4. Yes, please to all of your outfits! You are adorable and can rock that fedora girl! Have a lovely day:)

  5. what cute outfits!! you look adorable in your hat and I love the print of your shirt!! and those sandals in the last pic are so cute!!

  6. I love all these outfits! You look great!



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